Annarathna Group of Industries is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of Cardboard Matches, Veneer Matches, Wax Matches, etc.

Our history with safety match production dates back three generations with Late
Mr. Rathinaswamy Nadar in 1930 establishing St. Joseph's Match Factory at Kalugumalai. It was then improvised by his son Late Mr. Swarna Manickam B.A., B.L., with the foundation of Annarathna Group of Match Industries in 1964 with Aruna Match Works at Kovilpatti and expanded the production facilities to Annarathna Match Industries in 1976 at the same town in Tamil Nadu.

The legacy was carried over by his son Mr. Antony Bharati B.E. (Hons.), M.B.A., automating the production facility in 2006.

Today, Annarathna is one of the largest safety matches manufacturing houses in India and is widely present in the Indian market through various brands of matches like- Deepak and A-1.

We are synonymous with superior quality, safe and consumer friendly goods. Having a wide distribution network, we are holding our dominant brandings in the states of Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Uttar Pradesh. We also do export our safety matches to various countries around the world. The company's present export markets include Yemen, Egypt & Latvia.


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